New Restaurant Opening

New restaurants and cafes having been opening up monthly across British Columbia, as the restaurant scene continues to expand, and bring in fresh concepts.  Our West Coast team has been super busy over the last year working with the owners of recently opened West Village Cafe, which is a cafe and bakery concept in one.  Built upon the idea that ” a village isn’t complete until everyone is fed and happy”, cafe owners wanted to bring freshly baked healthy options to the local Surrey community, in a tranquil space.  We supported the owners from day one through our Opening Handholding Program, and VP of Western Operations Alex, was involved in the cafe development every step of the way.


Operational Support:

  • Business Plan/Financial Model
  • Menu Creation/Development
  • Recipe Creation
  • Kitchen Training
  • Restaurant Concept Development
  • Food Styling
  • Food Branding
  • Service Metrics/Training Workshops
  • Systems and Procedures
  • Product Identity
  • Product Sourcing/Coordination
  • Kitchen Design/Equipment Layout & Sourcing
  • Design and Construction Coordination
  • Pre-Opening Accounting
  • Opening Operational Support

Creative/Branding Development:

  • Brand Creation/Development
  • Name Creation
  • Brand Copy Voice
  • Brand Identity/Wordmark
  • Brand Signage Creation
  • Uniform Ideation/Coordination
  • Photography Ideation/Coordination
  • Merchandise Ideation/Supply
  • Website Coordination
  • Marketing and Social Media Set Up


7 100 Ave, Surrey BC