Restaurant Kitchen Design- Things to Consider

Restaurant Kitchen Design: Things to Consider

There are many factors involved in restaurant kitchen design and remodelling an existing restaurant kitchen. It definitely isn’t as simple as just buying equipment and making sure everything has a drain and a power source. Chris Knight, our expert Hospitality Consultant, suggests starting with a budget, understanding your menu needs, and learning about how a professional can support your restaurant kitchen design.

Start with a budget.

Construction and equipment can be costly so know how much you are willing to spend. Remember to include a contingency fund for the inevitable “didn’t know that was going to happen” cost of any construction project.


Menu equipment needs.

What menu items do you anticipate making the most? How are these dishes prepared? How many customers will you have to cook for at one time? The answers to these questions will help you decide which pieces of restaurant equipment are best suited for your kitchen. Understanding your menu equipment needs, will potentially save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary equipment choices.




Go with a Pro.

Local Health, Food, and Operation acts tend to have very strict guidelines that must be met in order to receive approval of your kitchen design, to open. Architects, engineers and hospitality consultants all may be required to get the job done right.  Many times, professional drawings are required to apply for permits for your project, or to be sent out for tender to contractors to bid on.  Restaurant design experts will help with equipment selection, flow of operation, bylaws and code requirements, and other cost saving details to ensure your kitchen is built properly the first time.


Kitchen Design.

Measure twice, cut once the old saying goes and a similar mantra could be used for kitchen design. Commercial kitchens should always be designed for maximum labor efficiency, safety and functionality. Kitchen design experts at The Fifteen Group will help review all aspects of your project and help to plan and design the right kitchen for your business.

Although these services can sometimes be costly upfront, partnering with an expert can often save you money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes.

Advice by Chris Knight, Hospitality Consultant


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