We provide 120+ restaurant clients with detailed, precise and organized bookkeeping, along with regular monthly financial statement preparation.

The Fifteen Group Restaurant Profits as a % of sales

Your Success

Our clients’ average profit is 3x higher than the industry average.  We make restaurants more money. On average,  our clients’ bottom-line profit is 4-8x our fees.

Get Exactly What You Need    

Sustained business growth can only happen when you have detailed and accurate information about the numbers that make up your profit.

  1. Review actual results vs budget targets to make informed decisions, improving performance.
  2. Implement changes to your operation that will enable increased profit.
  3. Know exactly where your business is going. Put yourself at ease.
  4. Leverage the extra time gained to further focus on your guest experience.

Can’t do it all yourself and you need to surround yourself with the best people. We are doing fantastic. The Fifteen Group played a huge part in our success.

– Alan Voves, The Burger Cellar, Owner

No Long-Term Commitment

You can cancel the program with 30 days’ notice. We have a 90%+ retention rate. Many restaurants have been with us for over 10 years.

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The Fifteen Group was instrumental in bringing structure to our chaotic internal accounting environment. The detailed financial statement really gave us an accurate picture of where our money was being spent and how to improve profitability. They have really taken a huge weight off of our shoulders, allowing us to do what we value most – providing our guests with the best dining experience.

– Steven and Constantine Daicos, The Olive Press, Founders