Based on the relationship that we developed with Fifteen Group I would absolutely recommend them. They are organized, professional and dynamic. They have such a broad portfolio of clients that they were able to adapt to our unique operation with ease.

Marissa Kelly
General Manager, Bar Sybanne View Website

“ The work we have done so far with The Fifteen Group has been very useful! We appreciate the guidance that Jenny and Chef Stuart have given us, and I’m sure we’ll continue to work together in the near future.

Shakir Al-Kanbar
East Tea Can View Website

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your team and everything that they have done to turn my vision into a reality.

Ryan Smolkin'
Owner/Operator, Smoke's Poutinerie View Website

Deciding to use Alex and the rest of the group as consultants was not a decision we took lightly but one we will never regret. Having seen the effects of their good work in turning around an existing business I previously worked in, we decided to bring them in from conception so we would get away to the start we needed. I would have and already have, recommended an existing business or someone whom is starting up a restaurant to seek the guidance of The Fifteen Group.

Cord Jarvie
Meat & Bread View Website

Throughout my career... I have learnt that in order to have the best of anything, you can’t do it all yourself and need to surround yourself with the best people. That’s why I brought The Fifteen Group on board. I am more than happy to say The Burger Cellar is doing fantastic... The Fifteen Group played a huge part in our success.

Alan Voves
The Burger Cellar View Website

“What I underestimated was the difficulties associated to opening a new restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto and how critical the support from the 15 group was to our survival and ultimately our success.

Aras Azadian
President, Barsa Taberna View Website

Just eight short months after choosing The Fifteen Group, we celebrated our one year anniversary with David, Alex and Stuart standing with us. We are now a profitable restaurant with a strong team in place. I enjoyed the entire experience and consider these three gentlemen the best in the business. I highly recommend The Fifteen Group.

Maureen Way
Owner, Sixteen Front View Website

You and your TEAM lived up to your credentials and never missed a beat on project time lines. The analysis that you were able to provide us make our go forward decisions easy to make.

Gene Roe
General Manager, HBC Food Services View Website

Your systems for cost and inventory control have not only made being financially accountable efficient for management, but improved our bottom line. Our profits have increased by almost 5% (of sales).

Karri Schuermans
Owner/Operator, Chambar View Website

I am writing this letter as a recommendation for The Fifteen Group's Accounting/Consulting package for absolutely every restaurant who wants to make money.

Steven Daicos
Owner/Operator, Olive Press View Website

We have been using their services for over two years and are extremely pleased with the benefits being provided to us.

Jack Scarangella
Owner/Operator, Mercatto View Website

The Fifteen Group's processes and insight into our operation has in fact allowed me to achieve the goal of a second location and their influence is the major reason for our continued success.

Dan Ferracuti
Owner/Operator, Safari Bar View Website

The Fifteen Group was retained to analyze current service and kitchen standards and produce recommendations we could use to improve our long standing and successful concept. I would recommend The Fifteen Group to any operator looking for an edge in our highly competitive industry.

Scott Pratico
Executive Chef/Managing Partner, Joe Fortes View Website

We are forever grateful that you came down to meet with us and took time to get to know us better. You provided us with the how, what and when, when all we had was the where!

Roy Cherian / Susan Matthews
Owners, Chi Pie Pizza View Website

Needless to say, we were very pleased with our
experience and are very happy to provide an excellent reference for this organization.

Paul Bhangoo
Owner, West Village Cafe View Website

I highly recommend the
ongoing consulting service [of The Fifteen Group] to any company that needs the
expertise and knowledge of Director of Operations, but is not yet big enough to employ one full time.

Diana Sideris
Tabulé Restaurant Group View Website

I have worked directly with David Hopkins, Alex Fraser, and Stephen Hamelin in different aspects of the restaurant. It is clear that the group as a whole has tremendous knowledge around the business of restaurants
and has been extremely professional.

Donovan Nielsen
Owner, Starbelly Kitchen + Lounge View Website