New Restaurant Opening

Wise & Wright is Calgary’s latest hotspot for healthy delicious snacks and meals, offering eat-in or take-out options. The Fifteen Group’s west coast team was very involved in the development of the Wise & Wright concept and restaurant development. VP of Western operations Alex led the project, and the restaurant operators leveraged our Opening Handholding Program.


  • Financial Model
  • Menu Creation/Development
  • Recipe Creation
  • Kitchen Training
  • Concept Creation/Development
  • Food Styling
  • Food Branding
  • Brand Creation/Development
  • Name Creation
  • Brand Identity/Wordmark
  • Brand Signage Creation
  • Brand Copy Voice
  • Service Metrics/Training Workshops
  • Systems and Procedures
  • Product Identity
  • Product Sourcing/Coordination
  • Kitchen Design/Equipment Layout & Sourcing
  • Design and Construction Coordination
  • Marketing and Social Media Set Up
  • Opening Day Support
  • Web Site Development/Coordination
  • Uniform Ideation/Coordination
  • Photography Ideation/Coordination
  • Merchandise Ideation/Supply


Wise & Wright has been featured in the, Global News, Vitamin Daily, among other publications.

163, 317 7th Ave, SW., Calgary AB